The Urban Harvest: A forager's map

Foraging for an edible future


 This blog  is part of an ongoing process. Community participation and input are vital to the success of this project.


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Who are we?
Urban Harvest is a community interest group dedicated to a more edible future, by strengthening connections within the local food landscape.

Navigating the Local Landscape: We recognize this project is situated on the unseated traditional territories of the Coast Salish nations. It is our understanding that the cultural and environmental landscapes in which we live today are rooted in traditional management practices, yet are now hybridized with colonial practices.

We believe: in establishing and promoting ethical harvesting practices that are built on respect and the formation of meaningful relationships to the land, people and life. For a healthy urban community we believe that taking direct approaches, such as foraging, will help broaden the discussion around food security within local urban landscapes.

Our goal is to foster community awareness of food within the environment, through the creation of a shared online resource that assists the act of foraging of food for personal or shared consumption. Central to this resource is a user-generated map of foragable foods that increases the capacities of both people and communities to be more food secure.

Foraging food is the process of providing for yourself and community from the environment. This could be an apple tree in the park, a blackberry bush on a trail or even a tree in your own yard.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. is anyone foraging for monkey puzzle tree nuts? I’m not sure of the best time of year, but they can be found on the ground in various parts of Victoria.

  2. We’ll have to look into it, but if you know any places where they can be found you can mark them on our map page if you like!

  3. I am looking for quince to make quince paste. Any suggestions?

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