The Urban Harvest: A forager's map

Foraging for an edible future

The Map

At this time we are in the process of developing an interactive map. To get involved with the development please join our working group. Email us:

Steps to adding a place marker:

Note: At this time you must be logged into a google account to add a marker. If this is a problem for you, please send us an email with a good description and we will do out best to post it for you!

1) Click the red button “Edit” on the left sidebar

2) Zoom into the location you would like to mark

3) On the top left corner of the map, there should be 3 buttons. Click the one in the middle (it looks like a blue balloon), and move your curser to the location you would like to tag and click.

4) Fill out the Title and Description box which pops up – Be as descriptive as possible.

5) On the left side click “Save” and “Done” when you are finished adding your locations.

6) Smile, because you just shared a local, free food source with the community!


One thought on “The Map

  1. Hi – This is a great idea and resource, but foragers should use caution before picking and eating. Maybe there needs to be a fact checker team that verifies ID or dubious reports. I suggest this because I noticed a couple of spurious entries: the chestnut trees along Heywood Ave on the east side of Beacon Hill Park are, I think, horse chestnut, so not edible by people. In fact, I’m pretty sure most chestnut trees in town are horse chestnut. Also, the blueberries reported along the Dallas Rd bluffs are more likely privet or spurge laurel or something else inedible and possibly toxic (I’ll go check when I’m in the neighbourhood). Foragers should use caution at both locations.

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